At Tech Link Global, we care about people and making a difference in the world. That includes the many different industries we are very experienced in working with, including Government sectors such as Defense and Intel, Federal Civilian, Federal Health, State and Local, and Education Services. Diversity and inclusion are also important to us, as we look to match the right person with the right job, hopefully touching many lives in a positive way in the process.


We have a long track record helping the DoD and Intelligence Communities find top talent to meet job demands in the U.S. and abroad. Tech Link Global has expertise in recruiting for sectors including Software Engineering, Full Spectrum Engineering, Full Spectrum Cyber Security, Intelligence Operations, Enterprise IT, and more.


We are dedicated to helping Federal Civilian and Law Enforcement sectors secure top talent across all 50 states. We have a large footprint helping to secure top talent in the Federal Aerospace, Financial, Energy, Diplomacy, Homeland and Law Enforcement communities.


We are committed to helping propel the Health and Human Services, Veterans Affairs, and Defense Health markets forward by ensuring we are an ideal and easy solution for your hiring needs. We can help find quality candidates in the Analytics, Clinical Support, Enterprise IT Solutions, Social Welfare, and Pandemic Response markets.


We have solutions for the ever-changing issues that businesses today face, including being able to recruit and retain a diverse workforce. With our help, State and Local governments can get the right people to service those in the community. You can rely on us for comprehensive solutions.


We need today’s Higher Education customers and best thinkers to be able to focus on solving the most pressing issues in society today, through academia, research, and public service; while depending on us to help solve your complex hiring needs. We take pride in developing a diverse workforce that is representative of our community.

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