At Tech Link Global, we see ourselves as your support system. With numerous opportunities out there in fields such as Nursing, Allied Professionals, Support Services, and Healthcare IT, we work to support you and your goals, both personally and professionally. We take pride in developing a diverse workforce in service that is representative of our community.


At Tech Link Global, we support local nursing opportunities, travel contracts, and full time placements with providers across the United States. We are proud to partner with every nurse, and are dedicated to providing the highest level of service to those who serve others. We offer support, coaching, and professional development to help you meet your career goals.


From lab technicians, to respiratory therapists, and more, we support allied professionals across all skill sets. Whether you are looking for a contract assignment, or seeking a full-time position, we want to help you find the right fit. We have opportunities available across the country, and are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals, both professionally and personally.


Providers need skilled professionals for critically important roles that ensure optimal patient experience. We have contacts nationwide, whether your looking to further your career as a facilities associate, revenue cycle analyst, or working in administrative support. We want to help you find the best fit for accomplishing your goals!


With today’s innovation, and rapidly changing technology dramatically impacting modern healthcare, at Tech Link Global we have thousands of Technology Services opportunities across the country. Contact us today to learn more about the exciting IT career opportunities available!

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